Neighbourhood Plan Review

The Barnham and Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan was approved following a referendum on July 2nd 2014 and is now planning policy, used by Arun DC when making planning decisions.  However, the Plan is now out of date and in need of revision to align it with the newly adopted Arun DC Local Plan.   

The Plan has been reviewed and some policies are 'saved' from the previous Plan, some are amended and some are new. 

Following the resident's survey and consultation under Regulation 14, the Plan had been refined and is now ready to be submitted to Arun District Council at the next stage which is Regulation 15. The Plan will then be passed to an independent Examiner.

The full suite of documents can be found by following the link - Regulation 15 documents 

The Evidence Base to support the Neighbourhood Plan can be found by following the link - Evidence Base