Barnham Parish Councillors

The composition of the Council after the May 2019 elections:-


Mr Chris Allington - Chairman email: chair@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mr Dick New - email: dnew@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mr Stewart Pritchard -  email: spritchard@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mr John Robinson no email please contact the Clerk

Mr Rob Bates - email: rbates@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mr Andy Earwaker - awaiting email connection please email the Clerk

Mr Terry Bedford - email: tbedfrod@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mrs Ella Simmons - awaiting email connection please email the Clerk

Mrs Heather Kilroy - email: hkilroy@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mrs Isabel Thurston -  email: ithurston@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mr Phil Cramp - email: pcramp@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk

Mrs Sue Wallsgrove - email: swallsgrove@barnhamandeastergate-pc.gov.uk