Barnham and Eastergate Parish Council

On 1st April 2019 Barnham and Eastergate Parish Council was established.  The new Council was formed following a Community Governance Review that approved the merger of the previous Barnham Parish Council and Eastergate Parish Council.

The new Council will consist of 13 Members - 12 members representing Barnham and Eastergate and 1 member representing the section of Fontwell village that sits within the Parish boundary.

The Council will hold regular Full Council meetings and will also have a separate Planning & Environment Committee.

The Council will have responsibility for the management of Eastergate Village Hall as the sole Trustee and a Management Committee will be established to support that responsibility.

The Council will also have responsibility for the Eastergate Pavilion, the war memorial, street lights and street furniture and playground facilities across the Parish.

The Council owns the Barnham Community Hall but it will be run and managed by Barnham Community Trust under a Licence to Operate with the Council.

The Proper Officer of the Council will be the Clerk, Alison Crabb, who will also be the Responsible Financial Officer.  The Clerk will be based in the Parish Office at Barnham Community Hall, but will also have a regular presence at Eastergate Village Hall.

Eastergate Village Hall and Eastergate Sports Pavilion will be managed by the Assistant Clerk & Facilities Manager, Nina McMaster.

A precept of just over £108,000 has been agreed and these funds together with rental income from Barnham Community Trust and users of the Sports Pavilion will be used to run the affairs of the Council.

The Clerk can be contacted via email:

The Assistant Clerk can be contacted via email:







will hold its Full Council meetings on a Tuesday evening in the Barnham Community Hall, usually starting at 7:30 p.m. A full timetable of the meetings has yet to be agreed, but the Annual Parish Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th May 2019.

Please note draft minutes of meetings are published on the website as soon as possible after the meeting but are of course subject to final approval and publication on the website once the chairman has signed at the subsequent meeting. This link will take you to the committee papers 

The Parish Council consists of 13 members  Parish Councillors

The Parish Clerk has responsibility for the administration of the council’s affairs and is also the council’s Responsible Financial Officer under section 151 of the Local Government Act.  The Clerk is Alison Crabb who can be contacted by email: 

The new Council has also appointed an Assistant Clerk, Nina McMaster who will mainly be responsible for the management of the Village Hall and the Sports Pavilion.  Nina can be contacted by email:

The Clerk is also responsible for providing advice to Councillors on the conduct of meetings, the legality of any decisions taken and the code of conduct.

The new Community Hall is used by a variety of local groups and clubs and is also available for private and commercial hire. The Parish Council is not responsible for the management of the hall which is managed by a Trust which employs three staff. The Council owns 20 street lights throughout the parish for which maintenance is contracted-out via West Sussex County Council.

In the current financial year the parish has issued a precept of £54,135
The Council is a member of the Sussex Associations of Local Councils.