Conservation Area at Barnham

Extract from the ADC Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Guidance for Barnham Church Lane Conservation Area.

The Conservation Area includes the original mediaeval settlement of Barnham, lying to the south of the principal village.

Surrounded by agricultural land, the Conservation Area has a distinctive rural character with buildings of various styles, ages and materials; principally brick, Flint, plain grey clay tiles and natural slate.

An informal pattern of development enhances the rural character, together with mature planting ,flint boundary walling and grass verges.

The open field to the north of St Mary's Church is a particularly attractive feature of the area surrounded by mature trees. The fields between Church Lane and the rife are also important to the immediate setting and rural character of the settlement.

Barnham Court and St Mary's Church are an historically important and imposing pair of buildings; the former dating to circa 1640 is one of the finest brick houses of its date in the county.

The Conservation Area includes two of the older farm buildings on Barnham Court Farm, including a granary on staddles.