Conservation Area at Eastergate

Extract from the ADC Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Guidance for Eastergate (Church Lane) and Eastergate (Square) Conservation Areas


Description of the character and appearance of the Conservation Areas.

The village of Eastergate is situated on the A29 some 5 miles north of Bognor Regis. The Conservation Areas were designated in June 1992.

The Church Lane Conservation Area retains its rural character and the essential historic characteristics of a rural, agricultural, settlement based on the Manor House (16th century), Saint George's Church (Norman) and farm buildings, including a granary on staddle stones.

The rural character of the area is further enhanced by impressive views across open fields towards this group of buildings and the village generally.

By contrast, the area of Eastergate Square is more urban in its character with a close-knit grouping of buildings of various styles and ages fronting the main roads, reflecting the historic development of the village at a road junction.

In addition to the attractiveness of individual buildings and their grouping, a variety of brick and flint walling and boundary hedges contribute to the special character of the Conservation Areas.