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Avian Flu in Sussex


June 2022


Avian Influenza advice

Avian Influenza (bird flu) is having a devastating impact on wild bird populations across the UK and sadly, we are increasingly seeing sick and dead birds in Sussex.

Please do remain vigilant and follow the guidance from Defra. It's really important that you DO NOT touch any sick or dead birds. If you find any sick or dead waterfowl (ducks, swans, geese), gulls, seabirds or birds of prey, please report them to Defra on 03459 335577.
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Pond predators

Did you know that in the murky depths of the pond, it's eat or be eaten!

Join Communities & Wildlife Leader Ryan Greaves while he looks at some of the more ferocious and highly adapted hunters you can find there. Watch our new film and get closer to dragonfly nymphs, newts and Great Diving Beetles.
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