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Halogen Bulb Replacement Programme

In 2010, West Sussex County Council conducted several trials on traffic signals sites using the latest in LED technology. The trials were successful in both cost savings and environmental benefits, resulting in the decision to amend the WSCC signal design standards going forward requiring all new sites or site refurbishments to use the LED technology.

Within West Sussex 99 of the 128 traffic signal junctions and 296 of the 399 pedestrian crossings have already been successfully converted to LED.

The project will contribute significantly towards our pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, by delivering an 11% energy and carbon reduction value of the total traffic signals usage.

The implementation of this project would generate a revenue saving of approximately £44,249 per annum.


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A284 Lyminster Bypass

The Scheme aims to reduce traffic issues through Lyminster Village with the northern section of the bypass completing the link road from the A27 at Crossbush, providing access to Littlehampton.

The progress made in the last six months:

North of Ancient Hedgerow:

Improvements to the condition of the poor soil to support the new culvert at the tie in point with Lyminster Road has begun. To ease this, the water in Brookfield stream was being over pumped. However, after working successfully for several weeks there was a failure of the pumps that led to a build-up of water on the Eastern side of the road and some flooding on the low point of Lyminster road. This was managed through additional water crossings and pumps on site.

Ancient Hedgerow to Bridleway:

A Pegasus crossing which involves horse rider, agricultural plant, pedestrian, and cyclist crossing is being built. The underground ducts, sockets and boxes have been installed for the required cabling and poles.


The viaduct consists of 10 piers with a northern and southern abutment (support). The structure is installed, steel reinforcements are being fixed into place and concrete is being poured over these areas. We have now poured 40% of the concrete deck and 90% of the steel works for the viaduct.

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Railway Approach, Worthing

Being part of Worthing Growth Programme with £2.9 million budget, the scheme is being delivered along with the Active Travel funded Cross Street works (cycle facilities improvement). The project will improve

  • public realm
  • introduce a contra-flow cycle lane
  • improve accessibility
  • digital connectivity 
  • increase greening

The scheme started construction on 5th Feb 2024 and is anticipated to complete by the end of November 2024.

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A29 Realignment Scheme

The scheme will deliver a new 4.34km road to the east of Eastergate, Westergate and Woodgate villages in two phases:

Phase 1 (north): From the A29 south of Eastergate Lane to a new junction with Barnham Road. Video link here

Phase 2 (south): From Barnham Road to a new junction on the A29 south of Lidsey bends.

Completed so far:

  • Advanced diversion and protection works for BT at Fontwell and Barnham Road.
  • Second round of detailed archaeological investigations on part of the route.  Finds have included a small mixture of neolithic, bronze age and Romano-British features and small items (such as flints, ceramic building materials, fired clay and pottery fragments).
  • Ecological works were completed during Autumn 2023.

The scheme was successfully altered to include an additional field access. We are now in the latter stages of agreements for demolition of the Springfield (Fleurie) Nursery site off Barnham Road.


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A259 Bognor Regis to Littlehampton

This scheme aims to enhance the highway at various locations along the A259 Bognor Regis to Littlehampton corridor between Comet Corner and Bridge Road roundabout. The outline business case is awaiting approval from Department for Transport (DfT). If that is approved, a full business case will need to be submitted and approved before construction can start.


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Burgess Hill Place and Connectivity Programme

The Burgess Hill Place and Connectivity Programme, which is part of the wider Mid Sussex Growth Programme, has delivered a number of integral developments in Burgess Hill.

Phase 1: Was completed in September 2023 and has delivered approximately 14km of off-highway and Public Rights of Way pedestrian and cycle improvements.

Phase 2: Is currently progressing through the Mid Sussex Growth Programme governance process which will determine the scope and timeframes.


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A259 Littlehampton Improvements

The scheme, which had the aim of widening approximately 2km of the existing single carriageway on the A259 to a dual carriageway, was completed in Spring 2023.

Noise levels measured adjacent to the scheme are lower than designed, which suggests that the mitigation implemented is effective.

We are now within a defect correction period for the works. We expect to revisit the site in July 2024 to resolve some defects with the drainage system.


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Bognor Regis Esplanade

As part of the Arun Growth Programme, the project will improve areas of the public realm, accessibility, reduce the speed limit to 20mph, increase greening and introduce raised crossings. This will compliment wider improvements in the area including works to place at:

  • St Maur (completed)
  • Alexandra Theatre
  • Bognor Regis Arcade
  • The new Premier Inn hotel

The construction period is expected to start in October 2024 and run until mid-April 2025 with a £1.8 million budget.

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Haywards Heath - South Road (East)

The scheme emerged from the Haywards Heath Town Study 2015 and aims to discourage traffic through the shopping area and provide an environmental enhancement.

Following public engagement in summer 2022, the scheme was costed, and funding opportunities were reviewed. The prospect of receiving additional funding from Central Government is no longer looking to be viable within the foreseeable future and so the scope of the scheme is being reviewed in order that it is deliverable using available developer Section 106 contributions.


Centenary House Access - Durrington

An agreement has been reached with Sussex Police to formally split ownership of the land, creating clear boundaries of possession and responsibility. As part of this divide, a planning application for the construction of a new access road to the east of the site, off Littlehampton Road, for WSCC’s use has been submitted.

The division in land ownership, along with the new access road, will allow us to progress with disposal and/or development of our asset while removing the risk of causing access issues to Sussex Police’s custody suite. It also removes significant site constraints providing more options for future use of the land.

Sussex Police plan to stay onsite and upgrade existing facilities.

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