Reg 14 Consultation

The Barnham and Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan was approved following a referendum on July 2nd 2014 and is now planning policy, used by Arun DC when making planning decisions.  However, the Plan is now out of date and in need of revision to align it with the newly adopted Arun DC Local Plan.   

The Plan has been reviewed and some policies are 'saved' from the previous Plan, some are amended and some are new. 

A big thank you to all who responded to the survey, we have used your comments to refine the Plan.

The Plan is now being advertised under Reg 14 of  The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

The consultation ran from the 23rd November 2020 to the 15th January 2021 (the period was extended to allow for the Christmas break). Please send your comments to 

The consultation has now closed and the team are reviewing the responses to see if changes can be made to strengthen the Plan.

If you are aware of someone who does not have electronic access please ask them to call 07565052617 and they will be provided with assistance. 

The full document and appendices can be found here

They include: 

BNEG Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - 2038

Proposals Map

Basic Conditions Statement

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Appendix A Biodiversity Corridors

Appendix B Views and Vistas

Appendix C Parish Heritage Assets

Appendix D Design Guide

Consultee List

The Plan has been split into sections to aid reading and interactive maps have been created to show key issues.

Sections 1 to 4 set the scene in terms of the legislative framework, the Parish today and the Vision and Core Objectives of the Plan - View them here

Policy Sections

Environment and Sustainability - view them here 

Getting Around - view them here

Community, Leisure and Wellbeing  - view them here

Employment and Enterprise  - view them here

Housing - view them here

Supporting documents -

Policy H1 sites proposed for housing to meet the Parish allocation. Plans are indicative only.

Land north of Spode Cottage, Eastergate Lane

Plan 1

Plan 2

The Square, Barnham

Plan 1

Land west of Fontwell Avenue 

Plan 1